Platform is where you take a break before continuing your journey.

It is where you empty and re-arrange your luggage

It is where you buy what you need for your journey

It is where you relax and re-focus on your destination

To Westerns, the emphasis has always been on reaching the destination. For them enjoying the journey is not as important as getting there. In the Japanese culture, the emphasis has always been on experiencing the journey.

Do you know how Toyota raised from the ashes of World War two to become one of the dominant automakers in the world?

The answer is “ Genchi gembutsu” (Learn through careful observation at site/ Go and see).  Observation is the key to having a successful journey.

It is believed that we have the capacity to have 60,000 thoughts per day. However for most people   (who haven’t trained their mind) 80% of those thoughts are negative.

I have designed this particular program after carefully selecting the topis and areas to give an opportunity for my participants to have an understanding of very critical and important areas of their lives. I’ll introduce very powerful NLP tools and other techniques for them to have in their “LIFE TOOL BOX”.

By the end of the program I want them leave with enough information, practical knowledge and know how to be the director of their own lives and make their life journey a smooth one.

PLATFORM is an activity based, Educational and Motivational Program based on

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Human Psychology, Psychobiology and Human Resource Management.

Nuwan Samarapathi

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